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Our mission is to provide a free resource for annuity investors to learn about annuities and get rates on the latest annuity products. is backed by one of the largest and most experienced network of annuity agents in the country. Our affiliates are always a click away to answer your questions, and are trained to qualify your needs, goals, and risk tolerance. They will direct you to annuities that are best-in-class and suited to your needs, and help you avoid annuities that are not in your best interest. is owned and operated by Eagle Shadow Financial LLC, in partnership with Annuity Agents Alliance, with some of the most experienced annuity agents in the country.

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Have you ever gone to an Annuity information site where there is so much information and jargon that it is difficult to even find the basics on annuities. simplifies the learning experience. Our expert staff has years of experience in designing web based information systems. The navigation of our site provides intuitive navigational entry point into annuity information. Just start from "Annuity Basics" and work your way down to "Annuity Investement Types". If you wish to connect with an annuity expert just fill out our simple form and we do all the work from there. Our site is always expanding and changing to meet the needs of those that are looking for annuities. Please give us feedback if you have any comments or questions about our site.

How we Save You Money

Many annuity experts are captive agents and sell annuity products from one insurance company. connects you with annuity experts that shop the best annuity rates and features from multiple insurance companies. Top rated annuity providers are competing for your investement dollars and there is always an insurance company that is modifying their annuity products to provide more attractive rates and features than their competitors. Since the experts we work with are always researching the most competitive products from all the top rated insurance companies, you get the best rates and features on the market at the time you make your annuity investment.

We Respect Our Customer's Privacy exists to provide our customers information on annuties and to connect them with well qualified annuity experts. We do not use dishonest marketing hooks to retreive your personal information only to sell it on the open market to whomever will pay a price. At we value our customers privacy and we honor the true intent of our customers. We will only use the information gathered by our customers to fullfill their request to receive information about annuites from our exclusively contracted annuity experts.

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Contact works with exlusive annuity agents that are proven experts in providing safe money and lifetime income solutions using products from top rated annuity companies. The number one priority for our annuity experts is to evaluate the unique needs of every customer and provide the most fitting annuity products to meet those needs. Get your free annuity quote today!! Facebook Logo